Welcome to Dragon Roost Ranch

Located in Anson, Texas

We are a veteran owned and operated ranch, who believes in the power of the lord and family. We came to the Longhorn business thanks to some real good friends now family, after retiring from the military we decided to stay in the Great State of Texas. We bought a piece of property and bought our first beef cows to live off the grid. Shortly after we were looking for a Steer to butcher, we ran in to our great friends who introduced us to the Longhorn Cows we bought 1 Steer and 2 cows and started to study up on the breed and learned about the breed. Then within a year we found that we had purchased 25 head of longhorns. We bought our 1st bull and became breeders. Along the way we have meet some great people who are helping us build our ranch and herd and improve our program, we are learning by leaps and bounds all the time trying to increase the pedigree of our herd to build some of the best World Class Longhorn cattle. And the journey shall continue.